Hi, my name is Mekkel…

Four years ago, if you were to ask me what I saw myself doing in 5-10 years, real estate wouldn’t even be on my radar. Sure, I had goals and ambitions but I wasn’t quite sure where I would land.

My real estate journey began with a desire for financial freedom. After sharing my goals with a friend, he introduced me to the BiggerPockets podcasts. I became hooked to the endless “financially-freeing” possibilities with real estate. After that moment, I began using every free second to learn all I could about the business. I studied everything from books, podcasts, to blogs and articles. I also participated in various Meetups, and pursued connections with others already in the field.

I believe that have going through these courses, books and purchasing properties myself before pursuing a real estate agent career has given me the wisdom and experience to earnestly help you with the purchase or sale of your home with full confidence.

The reason I decided to pursue a career as a realtor is that real estate is unique in the importance and power it has in someone’s life. We all can agree that a real estate purchase is one of the most important financial decision we can make in our adult life. A mishap in this specific purchase (or sale) can affect the trajectory of our lives for years to come. More importantly than a commission, I became a realtor because I have a deep desire to help equip my clients to feel confident and secure with their specific real estate move. I not only want to help you buy or sell a home, but I want to assist you in developing an action plan and future real estate goals. My desire is that we can build a relationship and come up with a plan that is unique to you. 

Call, e-mail or reach out to me on social media to further discuss your personal next step! even if you are not ready to buy tomorrow, I still want to hear from ya!


Please use my website as a continued resource and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at Mekkel@nexthometitletown.com


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