Welcome, my name is Mekkel

Before 2018, I had no idea I would ever be into real estate. Then, once introduced to the endless possibilities with real estate, I began using every free moment I had to learn all I could about the business. From podcasts on every car ride, to e-books, webinars, and in person programs.

One of my favorite parts of being a realtor and an investor, is that it has led me to be fully aware of the importance and power of real estate in a person’s life.

Whether a new married couple is moving in together, a family is growing, empty-nesters are downsizing, or whatever unique situation, homes are a marker in which a different stage of life begins…

By being able to be a small part of such an important event in a person’s life journey is why and how I find passion in this business as a realtor!

Since 2018, It has become my mission to equip, encourage, and inform people interested in purchasing, selling or renting a home with the best possible plan for their needs and families.

I enjoy sharing my own journey in Real Estate with transparency so you can learn more about who I am, my experience in real estate and also learn from my own successes and mistakes! (You can find out more under my personal blog page)

My wish is to transform the mundane home buying / home selling process into something you are excited and confident about!!

Please use my website as a continued resource and if you need more information on anything, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at Mekkel@nexthometitletown.com or ‘Like’ me on Facebook