We sold our first home!

Today was a big day for my family and I!

We officially closed on the sale of our FIRST HOME! We purchased this home in 2013. Back then, we had no idea what exactly it was that we were doing. But we knew that we wanted to be together and one thing we agreed on for sure… we wanted to BUY!

Little did we know, that one smart financial move seven years ago has given us so much liberty now. It was such a lengthy and tedious process as a fresh nineteen and twenty-one year old to prove to the big banks that we could indeed handle such a big responsibility. We even had to write a letter of intent to explain to the underwriter our reasoning behind this purchase at such a young age and part time jobs. Sometimes, we still don’t understand how everything so perfectly fell into place and we were approved for the loan.

After living there for five years, we rented it out for 1.5 years and now sold it.

In this competitive market, I was able to sell our sweet little home BEFORE it hit the market!

While it is bittersweet to let this one go, we are so excited for the next owners to make it their home!


IMG_1321  IMG_4826_Original

  • First photo taken in 2013, second in 2020