Adjusting to the “new normal” as a realtor



We can all agree that the “new normal” is anything but normal. However we may feel about masks, we all miss the time where we could approach each other without fear. Like every aspect of our lives, real estate approaches have also had to adapt to the new world. While I am longing for the day where COVID is not the topic of everyday conversation and the cause overwhelming anxiety in our world, but I realize that we will have to be dealing with the effects of the pandemic for years to come.

Showings and listings are all the more complicated now. Masks, gloves, COVID screenings are all part of the process now. Closings are remote and virtual tours are the new rave.

My rule of thumb has been, cater to the most conservative guidelines. This time has been terrifying for our culture. We don’t want any of our clients feeling uncomfortable with a certain practice. If wearing gloves, providing hand sanitizer, limiting the amount of people inside a home or even splitting up open house times gives my clients a better sense of safety, it is worth the extra measure. In these uncertain times, in real estate we should be supportive of the most fragile clients and make sure their home buying/selling experience is a safe one.

As an investor, I purchased and rehabbed a deal in the midst of all of this. The process was for sure different… more on that later.

Until then, let’s put our personal opinions on masks, gloves, sanitizers aside in order to better cater to our clients and new state regulations. That is my guarantee at least!