Why I Started Investing in Real Estate… and Why YOU Should Consider It!

It was two weeks before my second daughter (Aria) was born that we got introduced to the life changing idea of Real Estate investing. At the time, my wife and I were making ends meet, but with the monthly financial struggles of being adults with bills and having only one income… we weren’t thriving. We were living in our small starter home (bought in 2013) with no tangible vision or goal for our next steps financially.

When we started listening to the famous podcast, BiggerPockets, we were excited and mind-blown by the financial freedom that we could achieve by Real Estate investing. Now… Real Estate investing is not a get rich quick scheme or something that requires no effort, headaches, risk or work. But, with the purchase of our first multi-family home we now live for “free” and make enough passive income to pay our bills comfortably – and my wife still gets to stay home with our children.

I found myself a college graduate, with a great job that has provided for me and my family for years – but still having bills that would have to wait until the next month to get paid. Until Real Estate, I never explored the thought of making money any other way, other than through the traditional “work” way.

Once my eyes were opened to the peace that Real Estate investing could bring to my family, it became my passion! Our first multiformI figured out my why and I found different ways to invest and get started. We decided to start by “house hacking” (a term used to describe buying a multifamily home, moving into it, and using the rent income from the other tenants to help pay your mortgage). We purchased our first multifamily almost a year ago, November 2018. Today, my wife and I both agree this was the best decision we have ever made. We don’t live in a fancy mansion with a white picket fence and large yard, but we are no longer buried by financial burdens. We feel financially free!

Did you know 90% of the world’s millionaires invest in real estate as a way to create wealth?

I am no millionaire, but this fact was reassuring that RE investing is something worth at least exploring.

Do you find yourself in similar circumstances as my wife and I last year? then Real Estate investing may be right for you, too.

Sharing and helping others get more informed about Real Estate has become something I am passionate about. This has driven me to go and get my Realtor licensing, giving me more knowledge and the ability to help others every step of the way in their RE journey whether through investing, house hacking, flipping or finding their dream forever home.

I am a new Realtor, but Real Estate is not new to me!

So, let’s chat about the right Real Estate move for you and build up your equity!

 Stay focused, be positive!