My name is Mekkel. I was born and raised in Boston and then graduated from Stoughton, MA. I also went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree of Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from Bridgewater State University.

     I stumbled into real estate in 2013. My wife and I were looking to move in together and decided to purchase a home rather than rent (so grateful for that today!). We purchased our starter home at the ripe old age of 19 and 21. At that time, we had no idea what we were doing and did not have the slightest idea of the doors this purchase would open for us in the future. We spent five years there, got married and started our family.

     In 2018, we came across popular real estate investing forums, podcasts and courses. We began our realestate journey by investing in it ourselves, problem solving home ownership issues, DIY-ing home improvements and learning how to be a landlord. We have truly experienced it all! Plumbing issues, electrical updates, and even
a small kitchen fire. That year was fundamental in all that we do in our business today.
I decided to become a realtor in 2019 because it was evident to my family and I that this was a true passion for me. I enjoy the challenge that comes with real estate! I am completely invested in the freedom that real estate can provide for families and future generations. I became passionate about educating others in my community about home ownership and investing. I found a spark for entrepreneurship and the grit that real estate requires of my family and I. This is truly a family business and I hope that we can share a little bit of what we have learned with you and guide you in a successful path in real estate.

    Today, we own properties in MA, RI and FL. We specifically invest in multi-family homes (long term rentals), mid-term rentals (fully furnished 3-6 months rentals) and one short term rental (Airbnb) in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

     As your Realtor, it is my responsibility to learn and understand your needs at a personal level and to equip you with the knowledge you need to feel confident with your next real estate move. I pride myself in communication, integrity and professionalism . It is my commitment to you to provide services beyond your expectations and give you peace and assurance as you open the door to your next home!